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How to Buy Cheap Glasses Online

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Saturday, August 15, 2015

How To Make Money With Poems and Quotes Blog

When I had decided to create blogs my time was tied up performing some other ventures however I knew that you could make some good cash with blogging and if you could find a niche that you could relate to then it can be profitable in the future. The niche or hobby that you get involved in is going to be a long term venture so I suggest that you spend time with something you enjoy doing rather than something you are just trying out for money. The reason I say this is because many of us are not controlling our lives by doing things that we hate and what actually makes us wealthy is the ability to grow smart in doing things we love then make plenty money from that consistently. Blogging can make you some serous money if you line up your sources correctly and follow them accordingly. Love poems and quotes is something I had chose to dig into because I have stretched my abilities beyond where I was before and clearing the pathway to success in blogs can be done once you know what to do.

Simply creating a blog is not the only thing that you have to do in order to make it in this niche because content matters for your blogger audience especially if you are writing love poetry. When you are promoting your love poetry blog you are going to need some reliable sources to bring traffic towards your blog so your answer is social networking. Social networking can be explained as a network that is overshadowed by individuals looking to stay connected with friends. One social network that you can utilize is Twitter in which you keep in contact with all of your partners, co-workers, businessman, friends and family. Everything operated on Twitter is mostly considered real time so communication is no problem at all and you can find more readers on Twitter by using there search engine database in which you type in assorted keywords would help you understand what individuals are talking about. This source of traffic works overtime and actually depends on how long you stay connected and communicate with the Twitter community concerning your niche.

The other social networks that are powerful to use for traffic is MySpace and Facebook and they are almost alike because the purpose of the both of them is to meet new people on a free database. Just like Twitter you can drop your link within your account so people can visit it when they are ready. The best option to choose when you are operating a social network account is to keep it open for public visitation online so you would not miss out on that constant flow of traffic. Modify your friend search by being specific on the kind of individuals that you are targeted that may have a significant interest in love poems and love quotes. Remember to utilize your Facebook wall and MySpace blog system so when members find your page they can move step by step to read what you write. Add your love poetry to these sources to enhance your visibility on the social networks and you may be surprised how often readers will swamp your page due to your quality juncture love poetry.

The departure of many social bookmarking websites had begin to increase because the increments of web traffic had started reach a humongous peak and it showed no signs of decreasing so quite a few bookmarking networks folded. This gives you a clear idea of how important to utilize social bookmarking networks because the swarming of web traffic that is consistently flowing directly to them all the time. Delicious is one of those bookmarking websites that you can save your links due to the overwhelming amount of traffic and it is unlimited link that you are deliberately increasing as you post more poetry. The more love poetry links you save on each post and the more tags that are added to them in which are relevant to your blog post the more authority you will receive throughout your blog. While most blogs are hosted on a server that cost you yearly there is still a option to use a free blog from Blogger or WordPress and save your post to them instead.

You have a chance to use other blogs to draw traffic from other blogs by trading links between them and grow stronger partners overtime by doing this constantly. Building partnership with other blogs can easily be done with your love poetry blog however you need to put together a straight forward blueprint strategy to increase link popularity. Now that you have found a significant amount of link partners it would be intelligent to have them use anchored text keywords to describe your blog. The benefit of increasing your search engine rankings relies in what the chosen keywords you have your link partners place on there blogs and keep in mind that these keywords should be unique for drawing relevant traffic from search engines. Forums are a steady form communication that is constantly updated by there member and contains a great sources for web traffic. The more forums you use the better chances of increasing traffic on these networks and form traffic in the search engines. You can post your links within your profile area however some forum do not allow it unless you have made 10 or more post on the forum.

You make money from your poetry blog page by the sponsors you allow to advertise on your website and I recommend permitting those websites that is only relevant to your blog. If someone is asking for their dating website to be sponsored on your blog then that would be okay because your blog is geared towards literature in love poetry which attracts those who are interested in finding a date. Most love poetry attracts more women than men which is not rare and gives you a probability of the kind of traffic that is going to be attained. Google AdSense is another way to use that traffic to monetize on your niche or try out creating a product on your own to offer your readers. After you are ready to create your own love poetry post them to blogs and you may find that it can be preserved better online while making money at the same time.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hindu Poetry Tips

There are many reasons that you may need to learn about Hindu Poetry. What is it really? Why should I learn about it? What can it do for me? These are all questions that you may be asking yourself.

What is Urdu Poetry?

It's a form of Hindu poetry that has been around for many years. You may not understand it if it has not been translated for you into English but it is a great form of poetry to learn about. If you are not familiar with the Hindu language, you may have trouble reading it because it is normally dine for those that can read Hindu and not for those that are only English speaking. You can have it translated but it may lose the thing that helps make it so special in the first place. This choice is up to you and what you want to do with it as well as what you may want to learn from it.

What Can It Do For Me?

There are many things that learning this Urdu poetry can do for you. It can teach you to respect other forms of art and to learn about them whenever you can. You may not be able to read the Urdu poetry right away, but taking the time to learn shows great respect for the culture and for the poetry that it is. Art is something that should be loved and learned when it can be. People take for granted the power that words can have over a person or even a country. It's made to get to the heart of you and your life. If you can learn to listen to it, then you are well on your way to learning to appreciate the poetry that it can be.

Why Should I Learn It?

You should learn about it and maybe even learn the language that it is in because of the cultural benefits that you can get from it. You may also be able to learn about what the Urdu poetry is really saying to the world. Many people are not aware of what this can do for them and what benefits learning a new language for art can do for them. You should keep an open mind so that you can absorb what the Urdu poetry is saying to you as a person.

As you can see there is a lot that you can learn from Urdu poetry and a lot of reasons that you should learn as much as you can from it. Many people don't take the time to learn about it and figure out what it's saying to them as a human being. You can learn a lot about how a person feels just by paying attention to the words that they wrote in the first place. You can learn a lot about people and yourself along the way. You may want to consider the thought of learning to read Hindu so that you can understand the words as they were meant to be read.
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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Power of Quotes for Women

Women are the majority in today's world population. They are considered the weaker gender but definitely the most special ones. In addition they are seen as the most vulnerable people along with the children. They are usually discriminated in many ways. They are very important to the society since they are our mothers, wives and even sisters.

There are many famous quotes that have been said about a woman. Some are meant to boost their spirits while others discourage and underestimate them. Most of the women quotes are said by people who have different views about women. In addition some try to explain the character of a woman in a creative way.

A famous quote "women are a necessary evil" is a very negative one. It makes the woman look as though she is too bad but you can't do without her. Other women quotes like "can you imagine a world without men? No crime and lot of happy fat women." by Nicole Hollander, paint a woman in a very good light. This quote will motivate women not to engage in criminal activities.

Some women quotes are meant to advise women on many issues that affect them. Most of the advice usually concerns their relationship with men or how they view them. A quote may describe a good woman according to how men view them {women}. There are those that will encourage and make the women more responsible of their relationship with men.

Women quotes which talk about the beauty of a woman especially her physical features are very many. Generally a woman is considered a beautiful creature and therefore anything associated with beauty is associated with women. Poems are a good source of such quotes and describe women in many different ways.

Some of the women quotes were composed by the women themselves. This is because of their desires to express their feeling. It is also a way of communicating to their men. It is common to find a man looking at the women quotes to try and understand women in general. Majority of these quotes are true and therefore reliable.

Famous quotes usually affect the way women are treated in the society. A quote that refers to women as a weaker sex will make a woman look helpless. They also describe how women are treated by the men. Those quotes that describe marital problems referring to women as the cause of the problem may encourage violence and wife beating.

The ones that describe a woman as strong will make them feel they are recognized and not always being considered as fragile. In addition those quotes that talk of the woman's beauty will make them feel they are appreciated. Though women like it best when the men talk positive about them criticism is important so that they can improve on their wellbeing. Majority of the women quotes touch on their behaviors, physical appearance and weaknesses. Trying to discover the truth about a quote is very important before believing it.
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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Urdu Poetry tips

If you decide that you want to be a writer, then poetry is a good place to start. Where do you start? How is American poetry different from Urdu poetry? Why write poetry? You may be asking yourself these questions and more.

Where to Start

When you decide you want to write poetry you should decide if you are planning on writing any other kinds of literature. This will help you to know if you are going to want to stay only with creative writing and help you to figure out if you need to research other kinds of poetry such as Urdu poetry. You can write poetry on any subject if you really want to.

How is American Different from Urdu Poetry?

There really is not that much of a difference because it is all poetry that we can learn from. You may not be able to understand this when you are writing because you may not even know what Urdu poetry really is in the first place. You may need to take the time to research what you want to write weather it would be Urdu poetry or American based poetry. If you are multicultural then you will be able to understand the Urdu poetry better then if you are just reading American based poetry. Urdu poetry is a great place for a person that is going to start writing poetry to start because it will help you to respect what others before you have written as well as what other cultures may say. Take the time to learn Urdu poetry for you and your writing. This will help it to get better in the long run.

Why write it?

There are many reasons that you may chose to write poetry but the main reason is that you just want to write. Many people will not follow their instincts when it comes to writing. They don't understand that it's really a feeling and it's not just something that you can learn to do. You have to be born with a creative edge so that you can easily write your words. If you feel that you are not the best writer but still feel that great need to write then you can take classes to learn how to write your grammar better so that your poetry makes more sense to you and your readers.

When you start with your poetry writing you need to think about what you may have already read before you started writing the poetry. This may include the Urdu poetry that you may have heard about from your family or from your college classes. You should take the time to read these so that you know what people in the past have written as well as knowing what style you may want to write in. The more styles that you read, the more that you will learn and the better writer you will become. Take the time to understand the writing that is around you so that you can be the best writer that you can be.

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Where to Find Urdu Poetry ?


If you understand what Urdu poetry is then you may want to know where to find it so that you can read it on a regular basis. There are really only a few places that you can find it for the purpose of reading it. Your library, the Internet and your family.

The Library

The library is great place to look for Urdu poetry because they normally have a lot of books to choose from and may have a great section on this kind of poetry. You can look up the authors of the poetry in the file index at the library. This is the best place to start when looking in your local library. You may be able to find translated poetry this way for you to use in your Hindu learning. It's also a great way to learn the culture that you may not be familiar with at all.

The Internet

The Internet is another great place to start looking because it is a great place to get a lot of information fast and conveniently. Urdu poetry is easy to find on the Internet because anyone in any part of the world can add their web page and their information to it. Urdu poetry is something that anyone that loves to read poetry can look for and learn to read with ease. If you find that you start to love the poetry, then you can even learn Hindu from the web so that you can read it in the language that it was meant to be in, in the first place.

Family Members

If you are Hindu, then you may be able to learn a lot from your family and maybe be able to get some Urdu poetry from them as well. This is great for you because you will be able to learn thesis kind of thing from your family and start a tradition that you can pass on to your own kids in the future. Families that have this kind of thing to hand down are more apt to be closer and have more things to share as a family unit. If you think that you want to pass these Urdu poetry pieces down to your kids as well as keeping a tradition alive that has been around for many years. This may not have started in your family but you can keep it going with one easy step.

There are many reasons that you should go looking for ways to learn about Urdu poetry. You will get a lot of culture from it as well as learn a new language if it's not one that you already know or can learn that easily. If you take the time to look for the perfect Urdu poetry book and learn what they are saying you will get so much more out of it then you ever thought you would. Take the time to learn what they mean and what you should take from them.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

How to Write Poetry Books That Sell

Poetry is a beautiful form of self-expression that can lead readers to new insights as well as entertain readers, make them laugh, and move them deeply. That said, poetry books are very difficult to sell, and many poets fail to write marketable poems or present their poetry collections in a marketable way. While a poet may get a great deal of self-satisfaction from writing poetry, publishing a poetry book is of little purpose if no one is going to buy or read it. Here are a few guidelines for making a poetry book more marketable.

Have a Theme
Many poets just write a poem about whatever strikes their fancy at the moment. Then they end up with maybe fifty or a hundred such poems and decide it's time to compile all the poems and put them in a collection. The problem is marketing such a book. When people ask, "What is your poetry book about?" most poets scramble for answers. Typical responses might be, "It's about life" which is vague and boring, or more specifically, "It's a collection of poems that explore love, death, Nature, growing up, having a dog, gardening, old age, visiting France, and sailing." Boring, confusing, too many topics, and too little of any one thing. There might be one poem in that hodgepodge that interests a reader, but will he want to pay $15 for a book so he can read one poem about sailing? Doubtful. Throwing together a bunch of unrelated poems into one volume isn't going to help you sell your poetry collection.

Most poets would never think of writing an essay, a short story, or a book without a theme, so why publish a poetry book without a specific theme? It may be that you have fifty unrelated poems, but on closer look, perhaps five or six of them can be worked into a collection with a specific theme along with writing some new poems so your book has focus. Your theme might be as general as poems about movies or about the seasons, or as specific as poems about your battle with cancer or a poem about each president of the United States. A theme is a hook. It will answer the inevitable question-"What is your book about?" and it will give readers something to grasp onto so they can make a conscious decision about whether to purchase your book.

Have Organization-even a Plot
Frequently when I ask poets how they decided to arrange or organize the poems in their books, I get back blank stares or they respond, "Well, I just put them in the order I thought they went in, or the order they were written in, or there's no specific order." Even if you don't have a theme for all the poems, you can at least organize them into specific sections based on what they are about, such as putting the five poems about sailing together, or the eight poems about love lost, or the three poems about raising children into their own sections.

If you are writing about your own life or experiences, why not make the poems chronological from childhood to old age? Maybe you have an autobiographical novel in poem form. Maybe you have a whole book that can be made from your poems. Or maybe you want to write a novel in verse. Victorians often did so-Elizabeth Barrett Browning's "Aurora Leigh" is one such example. A simple short poem might quickly be forgotten, but a series of poems that build one upon another are not likely to be forgotten.

Ask yourself, "When readers have finished reading my poetry collection, what new understanding do I want them to have?" Make your first poem the introductory one and your final poem a conclusion, one that sums up your collection with each poem in the process continuing the theme and progressing toward the collection's climactic final insight.

Have a Gimmick or a Hook. The terms "gimmick" and "hook" might sound a bit crude, but they do illustrate my point. A collection of poems isn't going to attract most readers, but if you have something special to hook readers, you're more likely to get attention.

Numerous possible tactics can be taken to make your poems interesting so they will appeal to people who may not otherwise typically read poetry.

Edgar Lee Masters' "Spoon River Anthology" had a hook. Each poem was told in the voice of a dead person from Spoon River. While each poem stood by itself, often the speaker in one poem would refer to people in another poem. For example, in one poem, a wife complains about how the minister convinced her to stay with her husband. Later, the minister speaks about how his greatest triumph was convincing that couple to stay married. The irony, humor, and the connections between the townspeople made the book popular and memorable enough that it is still read nearly a century after its publication.

Illustrations or photographs are a hook in themselves. If you're writing an autobiographical poetry collection, why not insert photographs of yourself and the people and places mentioned in the poems? If you're writing about Nature, insert photographs of the places you mention. You might even go all out and turn the book into a coffee table book with large photographs alternating with your poetry. People may not buy a poetry book, but they might buy a coffee table book for its stunning photographs, only to be pleasantly surprised by how much they also enjoy the poems. Team up with a good illustrator or photographer and you might corner two different types of readers: poetry lovers and lovers of visual art.

Shape or Visual Poems, more commonly called Picture Poetry or Graphic Poetry today, are another interesting gimmick. The challenge is to have the words in your poem take on the shape of an object that the poem is about. The layout of the poem then becomes a picture. Seventeenth century poet George Herbert was an early designer of such poems, including his poem "Easter Wings." Your poem might be shaped like a butterfly, a castle, a vase, whatever you can imagine.

Get Attention
Before you bring out that poetry book, do a little research on the types of poetry books sold in stores. While there's still a small market of book sales for classic poets like Wordsworth and Tennyson, my guess is more people today know the poetry of Shel Silverstein because it's funny, well-illustrated, and easy to read. I'm not saying there aren't great poets out there today; I'm saying most people haven't heard of them. Let's face it; when most people hear the word "poet," the poets who come to mind are people like Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow-poets most people read in school and who are all long dead.

Sure, there are great poets alive today, but few of those poets have succeeded in making their books marketable. Unfortunately, most poets don't understand or won't accept that it is as much the poet's job to find an audience for his or her words as it is to write those words.

Find your gimmick; make your book visually stunning; come up with a theme that will entice your readers' interest and imagination; get a hook to draw in readers who don't usually buy poetry books. Once you build up a reader following, then you can write your meditative poetry book that is only text because you'll have a fan-base who will read any book you produce. Until then, do whatever you can to get your poems noticed by readers. It's a worthwhile endeavor. The world may not know it, but it is waiting for the next Maya Angelou, Allen Ginsberg, or Seamus Heaney to remind it that poetry has a magic that prose cannot supply.